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 Guide: Creating Your Superstar Profile

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Guide: Creating Your Superstar Profile Empty
PostSubject: Guide: Creating Your Superstar Profile   Guide: Creating Your Superstar Profile I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 10:03 pm

1) Creating you profile- When creating your profile it is important to think of your character as a real person, picture him or her in your head. Remember do not get too crazy with your wrestler, a 9ft 800lb wrestler would be at a disadvantage. He or she would be very slow and you would need to post accordingly. A good idea for all aspects of this game would be try to be a real as possible, if your wrestler is only 5'10" 110lbs he or she probably isn't going to be able to lift a 6'4" 300lb wrestler.
*****WHAT Your Profile should contain!****
2) Your profile should contain your wrestlers name, height, weight, from what city they are from or live, and your enterence theme. You could add a link to YouTube for example of a video if you wish. After you have entered you profile it must be approved before you can RP (RolePlay).

This applies to referee and valet/manager profiles as well.

(More rules are subject to come; so check here if you see any recent posts)
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Guide: Creating Your Superstar Profile
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