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 ~NWE Interviewing Area~

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NWE General Manager
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PostSubject: ~NWE Interviewing Area~   ~NWE Interviewing Area~ I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 1:20 pm

this is the interviewing area of the NWE! it's light's camera action here! with your host Mosh Jatthews here and ready to ask you questions! this place has a Flatscreen through the middle of the interviewer and person; Red lights spotlighted on you, with all technical crew filiming! this room is for anyone that needs to be interviewed! you may come here but be aware of the things that may happen here! Security will be watching!
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Eddie Benoit
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NWE Loyal Superstar
Eddie Benoit

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PostSubject: Re: ~NWE Interviewing Area~   ~NWE Interviewing Area~ I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 07, 2013 3:32 am

Eddie Benoit walks into camera, right up to one of the NWE's anonymous reporters with the NWE title shining so bright the glare slightly blurs the camera, even with high def.

REPORTER: Eddie, please may I ask you a question?

EDDIE: Let me guess, you want to know wether North Koria can actually act on their rederic?

REPORTER: No, this is more...

EDDIE: Ofcourse not, you want to know with all the time I give to all the charities I appear at, at no cost I might add, where so I did the time to train?

REPORTER: No, all be it a great question. I want...

EDDIE: of course not, you want to know who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

REPORTER: wait, what?

EDDIE: The Cookie Monster.

REPORTER: Eddie, the world wants to know...

EDDIE: Why did do what I did to the "Angelic" Sofa King?

REPORTER: It's the most important question of all, the world wants to know.

EDDIE: Well Jerome, I call you Jerome because no one knows your name and you look like a Jerome, Jerome it's simple. The reason why I did what I did... Will be reveled on the next NWE Showtime. Bye Jerome.


REPORTER: Well, you all herd it here, I guess. Stay tuned to NWE to find out.
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~NWE Interviewing Area~
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