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 Guide: During a Match (MUST READ)

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Guide: During a Match (MUST READ) Empty
PostSubject: Guide: During a Match (MUST READ)   Guide: During a Match (MUST READ) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2013 10:09 am

1) During your match - This is probably the most important rule in the whole of WRPG's (Wrestling Role Play Games) DO NOT "God Mod". What is God Modding? It is any action or reaction that is not believable. You obviously can not counter an opponents suplex with a sleeper hold. If your wrestler has been in a long match and is on the ground you aren't going to be able to power bomb anyone. This goes back to the suggestion which actually is an unspoken rule in WRPG's picture the match in your head, think quickly, and show pain, for new people this may take some time but you will get it. It is sort of like evolution, your mind will be worked out and before you know it you'll be able to hang in there with, and maybe even beat the veterans. "picture the match in your head, think quickly, and show pain", What does that mean? Make the match believable, if you get hit with a sledge hammer don't post blocks every time, post falls to the ground holding head, this goes with repetitive moves, if someone hit you with a Combo spears you, climbs on top, ground and pounds you, you simply can not post kicks out, in reality you'll be holding your head hurting. So show pain. Another thing is if your on the mat from a move or hit, you must post gets up or pops up before you are able to do your move. This should go with out saying but you are going to have to think pretty quick. The whole nature of online WRPG'S is think quickly, you have to be quicker than the other guy to get you moves in.

1) Just because you have to be quicker, it doesn't mean do not let your opponent get any hits in or just completely hassle your opponent. it's about timing, and the quality of the whole match! (this is what determines the championships)

2) additional rules are subject to come! please check here if you see any additional comments.
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Guide: During a Match (MUST READ)
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